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Greek Traditional Breakfast

Since 2017, Hotel Aethrio has been granted a special license to serve all its guests breakfast with the label "Greek traditional breakfast". Presented as two buffets, here is what we offer every day:
Coffee, tea, local herbal teas, milk and chocolate powder for children, fruit juice, white and black bread, rusks, local puff pastries or croissant, local cheeses and AOC feta cheese, pork shoulder, seasonal fruits, Greek yogurt, sweet and salted local croutons or cookies, Greek olives, local honey, homemade jam, chocolate / hazelnut spread, salad of the day (Greek, grape leaves, lentils, mavromatika), homemade cake or local brioche (Tsoureki).


greek breakfast aethrio hotel


This special license approved by Eurocert certifies house or fresh products, locally produced and guaranteed by AOP or AOC. Thus, guests of Aethrio will be able to enjoy some delicious richness of the great Greek gastronomy.